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Capleo Global is a dedicated staffing agency with experience in a wide range of industries and sectors across the globe. It is an integral part of the highly regarded Global Pharma Tek, a company with 10 years of experience in staffing and recruitment services dedicated to providing best hiring services.

Capleo Global is a specialist staffing agency that provides fully compliant Workforce solutions for all sized companies from various industries of Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Information Technology, Medical Devices, Pharma & Biotech, Aerospace, Light Industry and Construction across the Globe.

Our highly-skilled teams work and operate in delivery centers worldwide, including USA, Canada, Europe and India. Capleo Global offers a wide range of staffing services to help businesses meet their workforce needs. These services include temp-to-direct hire, temp-hire, direct hire, SOW, payroll processing and management services. With a comprehensive suite of services and a highly skilled team, the company is helping businesses find the right talent to meet their specific needs, and talented & skilled job seekers find their dream jobs.

Clients trust us to deliver high-quality staffing services that help them fill more orders, improve efficiency and increase productivity. Capleo Global follows corporate-approved policies for recruitment and makes sure that every skill requirement of the employers is met efficiently.

Global Pharma Tek

Founded in 2011, Global Pharma Tek (GPT) is a service provider conglomerate in Staffing, Clinical Research, and Trading. The company has its presence in the USA, Canada, India and Europe. GPT is committed to providing path-breaking innovations in offering new-age services through a range of businesses and is renowned for setting unique benchmarks in technology, research, design, and quality services.


Bringing great people and companies together, building strong bonds and lasting relationships on our strong belief that it’s the people who drive companies forward to greater heights of success.


Capleo Global’s vision is to connect top-class companies to exceptional talent across the globe. The ultimate vision is to bring meaningful, and beneficial connections among corporates and employees that create a win-win situation.


Our values are what make us. Capleo Global thrives on a strong foundation and values that grow along with experience and expansion of our wings. Though the expansion happens in rapid fashion with new additions, the core values remain intact

Leadership First

We desire to take the lead, be unique from the crowd to redefine the recruitment process. Believing in creative solutions for our clients, we aim to transform the overall hiring experience.

Transcend Boundaries

Capleo Global doesn’t believe in limitations or boundaries when it comes to hiring and recruitment. We believe in breaking those boundaries and creating new definitions for hiring.

Strive for Excellence

Capleo Global doesn’t settle for anything less than excellent results. With our challenges in hiring solutions, customer service issues, and many more- we do not get bothered by the setbacks. Our striving for excellence continues as the challenges increase.

Be Vigilant

The job market is undergoing dramatic changes almost daily and hiring companies need to be quite alert and vigilant in understanding these changes. Capleo Global believes in being vigilant to understand the job market and implement those changes to the hiring process.

Go-Getting Attitude

We believe in a proactive approach towards finding new talent in the job market. With our dynamic team that works to find the cream of talent in the industry, Capleo Global believes in the go-getting principle to hiring.


Ramesh Anumolu CEO & FOUNDER

Ramesh Anumolu is the founder & chief executive officer of Capleo Global, He is an active industry spokesperson in the staffing industry and is the driving force behind the company’s strategic and operational success. Capleo Global’s vision to “connect top-class companies to exceptional talent across the globe” resonates deeply with him, as he is motivated by the company’s various challenges and opportunities.

He strongly believes in and works towards the company’s ultimate vision to bring meaningful and beneficial connections between corporate and employees, creating a win win situation.

Ramesh is also featured amongst top 20 prominent business leaders in Asia – 2023 by the magazine CEO Insights.

Anupama Anumolu Director

Anupama Anumolu is the Director at Capleo Global. She is responsible for the company’s growth strategy, recruiting, including marketing operations, and employee development.

Anupama is also involved in decision-making and implementing new policies and procedures that help employees empower to do their best and take new challenges. She constantly strives for professional and personal growth while remaining focused on the company's growth.

Through her leadership, Anupama tries to execute excellence instilled in the company’s culture, facilitating employee growth and open communication.

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