Workforce challenges in Tech Industry

Hiring in any industry is quite tough and stressful. However, we can add an additional layer to the challenges faced while hiring tech talent for the tech industry. There is always an extra pressure for tech recruiters with the economic and industrial changes happening every year.

We have listed a few challenges faced while hiring Tech talent.

Tech Talent shortage

There has been a talent crisis and it continues to impact every aspect of the tech industry. At present, there are not enough tech qualified individuals who can fill in the vacancies.

Rapid digitization has evolved many new vacant tech roles, including cloud computing, Data Science, Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, etc. The tech industry needs a workforce skilled in one or many of the subjects. There is a shortage of people who are not trained in these skills. Due to this, there are many positions that are vacant and have created a scarcity of skilled candidates at the same time..

Top Tech talent in need of competitive salary & special benefits

Tech professionals understand the fact that they are always in high demand and look for companies that pay them handsomely. The overall package and the various other benefits are also on top priority list. Additional benefits like extra superannuation or performance based bonuses are also differentiating factors for tech candidates for choosing their role over another.

Finding the right candidates and filling vacancies fast

One of the greatest challenges that tech recruiters face is that of choosing between the best versus filling the positions faster. Recruiters are always under pressure to fill the vacant positions and when they have filled the positions, they are doubtful if they have selected the right candidates. A bad or wrong hire can always harm the company than a vacant position.

Today’s requirements may change in future

Technological evolution is speeding up exponentially and it is sometimes tough to predict what kind of disruption, the companies have to face in the future.Employers are always on look out for candidates who not only fulfill today’s requirement but arefuture proofed and stay relevant in the future too.  That would mean trying to find a candidate who has the right skills and over the years was able to update the skills and establish adaptability and willingness to continuously upskill.

There will be always a challenge to attract and retain top tech talent, given the current supply and demand ratio. Employers that develop have to develop certain recruitment practices accordingly to secure strong candidates in the evolving tech landscape.

Today every company is looking to hire tech talent and the demand is expected to increase over the time.  Sourcing highly skilled tech talent is getting harder and harder with the number of jobs on an increase and there being a shortage of qualified candidates

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