Payroll processing and Management Services

Capleo Global offers end-to-end payroll services for companies in the US, Canada and India. The company has expertise in handling complex payroll ecosystems. With experience spanning different industries, the company brings in flexibility and transparency throughout the payroll process. Capleo Global ensures delivery of best payroll solutions addressing the whole gamut of enterprise-payroll needs.

Our team manages the complete payroll processing for Global to Regional clients. The payroll experts at Capleo Global are proficient in managing the regulatory changes ensuring compliance and eliminating potential exposures and risks.

Why Choose Us

Increased Legislative Compliance
Capleo Global is an expert in handling tax and statutory compliances, labor compliance to protect the company’s reputation.

Standardization of Processes

When you work with Capleo global, you can always be assured of consistent and streamlined payroll processing. We will be your reliable payroll provider, driving cost improvement continuously and, at the same time, consolidating payroll processes.

Increased Payroll Accuracy
We ensure accuracy in payroll processing as we comply with a wide range of legislation. Our team ensures increasing the effectiveness of payroll process.

Access to Payroll Experts
Scale your team with CapleoGlobal’s highly qualified accountants focussing exclusively on Payroll. Our payroll team is acquainted with a firm's different aspects of Payroll.

Payroll is our expertise

We provide payroll and tax obligations for each employee in your company. Management reports are provided on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or yearly payroll basis.

Executive Payroll Services
Complete payroll services requiring discretion related to salaries of top management and executives are handled with care.

Payroll Advisory
We specialize in statutory tax compliance to help your organization meet your company's tax compliance needs. Payroll Accounting

Our team ensures the filing of state, federal, and local tax returns and processes payroll tax liabilities payments.

Payroll Data Maintenance
Payroll Data Maintenance tasks include changes like additions or deletions in payroll-related data over time, with changes in laws.

Payroll Tax Reporting
We are experts in handling state, federal, and local tax calculations, filings, and payments. We help verify due dates, handle payments and have expertise in providing status reports. Our team helps in preparing and distributing W-2S for all employees.

Combining reliability with accuracy

Our team is ready to deliver risk-free solutions to your entire payroll outsourcing requirements. We help you manage your Payroll at a lower cost per employee than your in-house payroll services. We act as your payroll department, and all our services are tailored to your business needs.