Temp Hire Staffing Services

Building an agile and flexible workforce requires easy and fast access to the expert talent available on short notice. Capleo Global offers a pool of pre-screened talent hired on our rolls for middle and senior-level positions. Our temp-hire staffing services allow organizations the ease and flexibility to scale their workforce based on demand. It also helps organizations onboard candidates with niche skills to their workforce for short-duration workloads at the most competitive cost.

Add Flexibility to Your Organization

One of the most exciting advantages of using temporary staffing is flexibility and you can engage people with specific skills. It is perfect for short-term employment and is apt for your project-based needs. Your temporary staff will be both skilled and experienced. Capleo Global understands the benefits the temp staff offers and will handle any onboarding required.

Hire the Right Temp Staff

When you hire your temporary staff through Capleo Global, you will save cost and time.  We understand the selection and hiring of temp staff tends to be a tedious and expensive process, with the specific qualifications and skills you are looking for in the candidates. Hence, we make the whole process easier for you. We help save time, money, and the stress of managing the recruitment process.  At Capleo Global we vet each candidate in a careful manner so that you can find the right match for your different business needs. 

Why Capleo Global

Are you ready to hire your temp staff?  With the right workforce agency and right experts, you are ready for a great professional relationship.

We pride ourselves in meeting the temporary requirements of our clients for different industries from light industry to Healthcare.

We at Capleo Global have one of the most advanced and professional processes for hiring the temporary staff. Now that hiring temporary staff has become a critical hiring strategy for companies, we have a skilled and experienced team who handle the hiring of temporary staff for a specified duration or for a project.  Add the advantage of flexibility and innovation with our professional temp staff services.