Staff Nurse Vs Travel Nurse – All You Need To Know

Staff Nurse Vs Travel Nurse – All You Need To Know

Exploring career options in nursing can sometimes leave you all confused.

There are many nursing job opportunities, including positions in a wide range of environments with flexible hours. Case in point: comparing a staff nurse to that of travel nurse.  Are they of the same nursing branch or is there any difference between the both?

A travel nurse is one of the nursing jobs that allow you to travel, thus the name. These are registered nurseswho are employed as short-term nurses at hospitals or clinics around the world.

Registered nursesworking full- or part-time as permanent staff at a single healthcare facility are referred to as staff nurses.

Staffing agencies work with a variety of healthcare facilities that have a high demand for nurses and are able to provide best travel nurse jobs in USA.

If you are not sure whether to choose travel nursing or staff nursing as your career you have found the right blog.In this blog we break down, the similarities and differences between staff nursing and travel nursing.

Staff nursing VS Travel Nursing What to know before taking up the job?

What is a Travel Nurse?

A travel nurse is a registered nurse who takes on temporary nursing shortages in healthcare institutions around the nation by working short-term contracts on a contract basis. The average assignment lasts 13 weeks, but contract lengths can vary based on particular requirements.Typically, jobs for travel nurse is found either through hospital staffing pools of specialized staffing and recruiting agencies like Capleo Global.

What is a Staff Nurse?

A staff nurse is also a registered nurse working full- or part-time in a permanent job and is employed by a single healthcare facility. Unless they are hired to float to other units, staff nurses are typically assigned to one unit. If you wish to get a job as a staff nurse abroad, you need to contact staff nursing agencies.

Stability in the Profession Travel VS Staff Nursing:

The security that staff nursing roles give is valued by many of them. 

They enjoy going back to the same job every week since it has teammates and a setting they are familiar with, even if they never know what to expect during their shift because each patient is unique.

You give up some stability to pursue adventure as a travel nurse. 

The experience of working at the same hospital for years, with some of the same patients, is not the same as scheduling back-to-back travel nurse gigs. Every few months, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate to the facility that you are a skilled nurse and a valuable member of the team.

The work experience advantage:

Both staff nursing and travel nursing have their benefits when it comes to gaining job experience. 

Being an expert at specific elements of your profession is one of the main advantages of working as a staff nurse. 

When a particular patient visits your facility on a weekly or monthly basis, you are aware of exactly where the supply closet is, who to contact when you need something, and what they need. You are knowledgeable with the diagnoses and treatments you encounter most frequently as well as the seasonal illnesses and injuries your hospital handles.

Travel nursing is a fantastic choice if you’d want to get new experience and try something else without changing specialties or going back to school. 

Whether you choose to work in your home state or move across the country, you will see new patients, learn about regional variations, and possibly even encounter problems or illnesses that you have never encountered before.

Work life Balance:

When comparing travel nursing options with staff nurse opportunities in USA, Canada, Indiaand across the Globe, relationships and attachment to location might be crucial considerations. A staff nursing position is definitely better for you if you have children, spend a lot of time with close friends, or simply don’t enjoy the notion of living out of a suitcase or travelling from place to place. That’s fine too! Knowing your interests and the commitments that make travelling more challenging is a smart idea. Being a staff nurse can be rewarding and beneficial for forming lifelong ties with people you work with every day.

The nature of being a travel nurse is change. Many travellers desire to work at various jobs every few months to gain experience and explore new things because they have only a few years of experience. Others who travel are empty-nesters or just looking to branch out after spending years working in one place. Others enjoy the adventure of travelling with their family and exploring other regions of the nation.

Salary and Job Outlook for Staff Nurses VS Travel Nurses: 

Are wages for travel nurses higher than for staff nurses? Yes, it is the answer. The remuneration for a travel nurse is variable because it is based on the assignments. As per the Zip Recruiter,  the average yearly pay for a travel nurse is $99,202, with an hourly rate of $48. Staff nurses, on the other hand, receive salary that rises over time based on their degree and experience. A staff nurse’s base pay typically runs from approximately $58,715 to $74,830, with a base pay of $65,455.

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