top 6 skills to include on resume- Expert tips

Top 6 skills to include on resume- Expert tips 

When you want to get that dream job of yours, the first thing you need to do is to present a resume that will capture the employers’ attention. Apart from your qualifications and experiences in the resume, the critical factor that grabs the recruiter’s interest faster is the balanced set of good skills on resume that fit the job.

To make your resume feature the skills that meet the demand of today’s top industries and jobs, here is a list of the top six skills you can put in your resume.


Communication is one of the critical skills you should have in your resume, covering both written and verbal communication and listening. It’s also about being concise, clear, focused, and able to tailor your message for the audience.

Sometimes, saying little is part of good communication, and communication is not just what you say but how you are good in presenting yourself.

Problem solving:

Problem-solving skills are a must, and you should display an analytical approach to resolving and solving problems. You can also show how you can approach problems from various angles. This is what almost every employer is looking forward to in an employee.

Foreign language proficiency:

If you are bilingual, then that displays intelligence. You must mention that if you are proficient in another language on your resume. You can always list multiple foreign languages you know in the skills section. Try to include your level of proficiency in the final sentence of your resume summary.

But if you come across any job profile that requires knowing another language as a job requirement, you should mention your skill prominently. You should also list the relevant courses you took for the foreign language in the education section or mention a situation where you have used the language in a recent position.


Including leadership skills on a resume always demonstrates growth potential, which is beneficial regardless of the position you have applied for. You can also mention a good example where you applied leadership and decision-making skill in your resume. If you are applying for a supervisory position, you should include leadership skills on your resume.

Time management:

Time management skills are one of the essential skills that you need to present in the resume. When you include time management in your resume, mention this skill with examples under the work experience section. This skill is also related to specific organizational skills you should say on your resumes, such as collaborating with a team, delegating assignments, and meeting deadlines. Good time management also means you can perform the task within the given timeline, which is very important for employers.

Critical Thinking:

Critical thinking is best described as the ability to engage in independent and reflective thinking.

Employers are always looking for candidates who can think through a project of problem and figure out what are the best steps required. People who are critical thinkers always come up with better ways to work and that is why this is an invaluable skill to put on a resume.


Your resume should accurately and honestly represent you, your professional background, and your talents. But make it easier for the recruiters and hiring managers by tailoring it to meet their needs. This indicates to be careful and thoughtful. When you receive interview invitations, the time and effort you put into that will pay dividends.

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