Laid off ? 5 Great Job Search Tips to Find Your Next Job

The job market is experiencing a significant shift with a wave of major layoffs happening across big companies that have pushed many to explore job openings at mid-sized companies and different industries.

We must admit that our teams’ inboxes are filled with resumes and they are continuously on calls from candidates looking for jobs. The Capleo Global team is working hard as a staffing agency to assist people who are looking for jobs securing immediate employment.

If you have been laid off and are looking for new job opportunities here are a few tips from our recruitment team to recover and find a job.

It’s not about you:

First and foremost, you need to remember that layoffs are not an outcome of a personal shortcoming. If you think you have been laid off because of your poor performance, then think again. Try not to take it personally. Never look at this event as a failure, rather look at it as an opportunity to build yourself or reinvent yourself.

Have a plan and stick to it:

You should treat your job search as if it is the only job you need to focus on. At the beginning of the job search, concentrate on the fundamentals like – updating your resume, creating or updating your LinkedIn profile or reaching out to your current professional network. You should also try searching for open jobs and networking new contacts.

Research industries that are currently hiring and have high demand:

As a staffing agency, we are aware that there are certain industries that always need employees. There are different industries that need to hire a lot more people because of increased demand. Hence, if you have lost your job and are in need of some form of income, until you get back on your feet, you can try your luck in the following industries:

Healthcare is one of the industries that is always looking for people. You may not be qualified to become a doctor, but hospitals and clinics are always looking for support staff.

Manufacturing sector has been dependent on machine learning and AI to automate the complex assembly lines. You can be an asset to companies that are into manufacturing if you have a mastery over AI and machine learning combined with manufacturing knowledge.

If we look at the pharma industry, it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with sales growing each year. Pharma jobs are constantly evolving to meet the demand of the market for new and improved medications and therapies.

As far as the construction industry is concerned, it is expected to create an additional 168,500 jobs by 2023 and new technologies will enable companies to complete projects faster and cheaper than ever before.

Tailor your resume to each job that you apply:

When it comes to job search, your resume is still one of the most critical tools. Let your resume be an achievement-oriented one that includes your quantifiable achievements are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Here is a protip from us. Carefully read the keywords and phrases used in the job description and make sure you include these words in your resume. Within a few seconds, the recruiter should be able to find the skills they are looking.

Get in touch with a staffing agency for job opportunities:

Contact a staffing agency, to find you another job position. Staffing agencies like Capleo Global have a vast database of currently available job positions with the recruitment processes being streamlined and in place that decreases the amount of time it takes to find another job. . You can also browse a list of open positions we’re looking to fill on our Careers page.