Our Services

At Capleo Global, we make sure our clients receive the best staffing services all the time. Our flexible staffing services and workforce strategies are designed to help businesses of all sizes to meet their specialized talent needs.


When you choose Capleo Global for hiring your temp to hire employees, it can make a world of difference in the hiring process. We come with a high level of expertise in your industry. As you harness our agency’s expertise, you also learn more about developing efficient processes and workflows.

Temp to Direct hire

We understand the temp to direct approach is ideal for many clients and professionals and we have developed advanced expertise in making suitable matches. Trust us when you need temp to direct hire positions to help fill positions that do not require permanent employees. These can include filling in for someone on leave or only filling a vacant position for the duration of a specific project.

Direct Hire

Hiring right full- time employees is often a complex task and time-consuming. But, with Capleo Global you need not worry. The company offers direct hire staffing solutions to bring down recruiting time and cost as they free up internal resources taken up by interview and resume review. To avoid expensive recruiting mistakes we carefully and thoroughly go through applicants to prevent hiring someone who is unskilled or is unqualified.

Payroll Services

Our payroll management services are customized to take your human resources management to a much higher level. Our team understands and ensures an error free payroll management activity to your organization. With the help of the extensive range of services, your company can enjoy a payroll process that is accurate and timely.


We have clearly defined timelines and deliverables so that you can better track project efficiency. At Capleo Global, with well defined timelines, expectations and technical requirements, our team identifies qualified candidates quickly and picks up only those who can make immediate contributions to your project.

The Capleo Advantage

What sets us apart from others is our unparalleled service delivered by an experienced, professional, and equally caring team. We love combining both great resources and high-end technology to create employment connections making a meaningful impact on employers and job seekers.


At Capleo Global, our expert, responsive, talented team delivers staffing services for companies of all sizes in a quick manner as it leverages deep network of relationships in different industries. A proven and quick methodology with the latest technologies to get that ideal candidate that you are looking for.


We use the best tools & technology to find the right talent and fast-track process.


A decade of delivering top talent, every time. Our recruiting experts use client specific and consultative strategies to deliver top talent. We help you pick the right resource as per your company’s business needs. With our streamlined sourcing and delivery process, we minimize all costs that are incurred while you recruit and onboard new employees.


Client satisfaction is our top priority. Our first step in the entire process is to first understand your requirements. We spend time knowing your business, your objectives and background. We gain knowledge about the role and responsibilities of your ideal candidate. From sourcing your candidates to on boarding them, you can trust us for total support.